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How to extend your iPad 3 Battery Life

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How to extend your iPad 3 Battery Life Empty How to extend your iPad 3 Battery Life

Post  Admin Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:54 pm

Although the iPad 3 comes with a very impressive battery life from the start, this tutorial will help you optimize your new iPad’s battery life without giving up much functionality.

Turn off push email on the iPad

Navigate to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> and turn the switch for “Push” to off. Then select the fetch interval below to specify how often you wish for the iPad to fetch new data. The setting which will stretch your battery life the farthest is “Manually”, which will only request data when you are using data (vs. doing it in the background automatically).

Turn down the iPad screen brightness

Under Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper, turn off “Auto-Brightness” and move the slider towards the left which will dim the screen. The more dim the screen, the longer your battery will last.

Turn on your iPad’s auto-lock

In Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock, select one of the time intervals other than “Never” to make your iPad 3 automatically lock and go to sleep when you are not using it for a set amount of time.

Limit the apps that use iPad location services

Within Settings -> Location Services you can control which apps are able to use location services. The less apps that use location services the better as far as your iPad 3′s battery is concerned. You can turn off all iPad location services by switching the top switch to off. This is another easy way to optimize the battery life of the iPad 3.

Limit the apps that use notifications

Navigate to Settings -> Notifications and turn off notifications for any apps that you do not want pushing through messages. Not only is it annoying, but its one more thing your iPad’s processor has to keep track of which means more battery use.

Turn off the iPad’s Bluetooth

This one is quick and easy. Go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it.

Quit apps that are not being used

Every so often it is advisable to quit iPad apps that you are not using. By default, all recently used apps will stay open in the background. Close these apps by double tapping the iPad 3′s physical Home button and then pressing and holding one of the app icons in the multitasking pane. Once the icons begin to wiggle, you will also see a red circle in the upper left of each icon. Press these red circles to force quit the iPad apps.

Apple also recommends to completely charge and subsequently drain your iPad’s battery at least once a month to keep the battery healthy.


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