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A Battery That Is Loaded in 10 Seconds

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A Battery That Is Loaded in 10 Seconds Empty A Battery That Is Loaded in 10 Seconds

Post  largebattery Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:18 am

A Battery That Is Loaded in 10 Seconds

A team of scientists designed a lithium battery that can store and generate more energy than existing ones, and can be recharged in just ten seconds, an invention that could revolutionize the world of mobile telephone.

As reported in the journal Nature, the new battery could start shipping in a couple of years, as estimated by the two researchers behind the project.

The invention has been developed by Kang and Gerbrand Ceder Byoungwoo, two scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which decided to improve the performance offered by the batteries currently using a new design of the channels responsible for transporting energy one side to another of the stack.

lithium battery packnow offers an energy efficient, but its weakness is its low power level at certain times in which, for any reason, you need an extra supply.

Traditionally linked this to the slow flowing ions and electrons of lithium, the material used to make current batteries.

Therefore, researchers focused their efforts on getting increase the speed of displacement of the ions, for what they created a kind of "ring road" in the outer layer of the stack capable of distributing the energy for every one of the corners of device.

According to Ceder, this would allow a small lithium-ion battery charging similar to that used in mobile phones, in just 10 or 20 seconds, which "could have many practical applications and could change our lifestyle."

Ceder and Kang used as a basis LiFePO4 compound, often used in the manufacture of batteries, and covered with a mixture of iron, phosphorus and oxygen upon heating allows ions to move quickly.

Manufactures Wind Turbines for Rural Schools Without Power

Luciana Proietti is voluntary NGO 500 RPM. He dreams of spreading the idea of wind turbines in Argentina. He says he learned to understand others.

Luciana Proietti is voluntary NGO 500 RPM and manufactures wind turbines of 500 revolutions per minute to rural communities without access to electricity. She previously worked in blueEnergy, a nonprofit organization that supplies power to rural communities in the Caribbean coast in Nicaragua, through wind turbines and solar panels.

He met his current partner and colleague, Stephen Van Dam, in that organization with which they share a dream. Spreading the idea of wind turbines in Argentina to supply communities living in rural areas have no electricity.

"We know the needs of our country and our wind potential is much larger than Nicaragua," he says with conviction.

This type of technology used in other countries and have the advantage that its parts are easily arranged for manual and mechanical manufacturing. A windmill can supply electricity to a school, lighting and the use of computers.

The cost of manufacture and installation of a windmill varies between 20 and 25 thousand dollars and their maintenance is cheap. Teams have a lifespan of 20 years and lithium battery. His replacement costs five to six thousand dollars.

Inheritance grandfather. Luciana is a native of Bell Ville but lives with her boyfriend in Olivos, Buenos Aires. She recalls with pride that his grandfather, Miguel Fausto Audisio, founded a rural school near San Antonio de Litín, located some 45 kilometers of Bell Ville.

Luciana recounts the odyssey that was to move the wind turbines in the community craft to Punta Mono (Monkey Point) in Nicaragua. "They were about 15 men to lower towers with steel cables. People called other neighbors screaming for help, "he says.

She recognizes that this work served to have minds that are more open and to meet other cultures. "I learned to share and understand that their times are different from ours," he says reflectively.

It also clarifies that only work in building mills for individuals, schools and rural areas have no electricity. "We try to engage the entire community to learn how to build and repair without relying on us to do," concludes.


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