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Nissan develops 10-minute-rechargeable battery

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Nissan develops 10-minute-rechargeable battery Empty Nissan develops 10-minute-rechargeable battery

Post  Admin Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:17 am

A new battery technology from Japanese automaker Nissan may soon speed up the charging time for electric vehicles from eight hours to as little as 10 minutes.

Researchers at Japan’s Kansai University and Nissan modified a capacitor to let it hold more power, according to an article on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

But the article said the researchers do not appear satisfied, planning to bring down the charge time further to three minutes or less.

The article noted that present lithium-ion batteries can take up to eight hours to recharge fully.

In the project, the researchers used a composite from tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide instead of the usual carbon for the capacitor’s electrode.

The article added the modified capacitor also held nearly the same storage capacity and voltage as lithium-ion batteries.

However, it added it may take about 10 years before the technology can be commercialized.

Still, this may help cut production costs for electric cars and make them more popular for drivers in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Nissan also unveiled what may be the world’s first ultra high tensile strength steel to be rated at 1.2 gigapascals (GPa).

Nissan developed the new material in collaboration with Nippon Steel Corporation and Kobe Steel.

Unlike regular high tensile strength steel that is rigid, the new material is highly formable.

The article said the new steel will be produced starting 2013 as steel plates for use in cold pressing structural body parts, and used for center pillar reinforcements, front and side roof rails and other key structural components.

Such a material may promise weight savings, with Nissan claiming its use will reduce vehicle body weight by up to 15 kg, the article said.

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Nissan develops 10-minute-rechargeable battery Empty Sound wonderful

Post  largebattery Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:22 pm

This kind of lithium battery for VE sounds wonderful; but too short charge time might hurt battery.


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