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2011 China (ShangHai) International Battery Industry Fair

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2011 China (ShangHai) International Battery Industry Fair Empty 2011 China (ShangHai) International Battery Industry Fair

Post  Admin Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:31 am

[An Unmissable International Feast of Battery]

Co-sponsored by Chinese Institute of Electronics, Guangdong Power Supply Association and Zhenwei Exhibition Group, the Third China (Shanghai) International Battery Industry Fair will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. The Fair will last for 3 days from September the 19th—21st. And this feast of battery will be the perfect stage for the promotion of the world battery industries.

[The Authoritative Organizers Create a high-level Show]

Chinese Institute of Electronics, One of whose subordination—Association of Physics & Chemistry Power Sources represents the most advanced technology of the battery industry in China, is affiliated to the second largest academic institution of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Another host unit, Guangdong Power Supply Association is one of the most authoritative organizations which lead the Guangdong Battery industry. Zhenwei Exhibition Group is one of the best exhibition companies in China.These great host units lay a solid foundation for one high-ranking, high-tech, and high-efficiency exhibition.

[Compete in New Energy Power vehicles Market; Excavate the Great Opportunities for the Most Valuable Power Batteries Business]

In United Nations Climate Change Conference, 55 countries whose carbon dioxide emissions are counted for 78% of total emissions have made commitments to the cutting-emission plan.Chinese government announced the target for controlling the greenhouses gases emission. China has set up a goal to slash the CO emission per unit of GDP by 40% to 45% by 2020 from that of 2005. “Low carbon”,"green” and “new energy” will be the predominant themes of global economy; meanwhile, a new age of global electronic vehicles will be opened.

The SDRC announced that the new energy vehicles with the quality of around 65 million, will have taken up in half of the share of all automobiles by 2020. Energy-storage cell, as one of the three power cores for new energy automobiles, will not only provide the enormous business opportunities, but also trigger fierce business campaign among battery-manufacturers from all over the world.

[Exploit the Most Potential Market in the World]

The distribution of battery industrial chain demonstrates that Eastern China owns nearly 50% of Chinese battery manufactories, battery technical enterprises and battery raw material manufactories. In recent years, power cells industry in Eastern China has obtained a considerable development in particular.

Yangtze River Delta is one of the most important global manufacturing industry bases. There are many internationally competitive strategic groups focusing on new energy power battery in Yangtze River Delta integrated the functions of developing, design, manufacturing and international marketing and other powerful business functions.

As China’s economy and financial center now, Shanghai aims to set up world-class centers in economy, finance, trades and transportation four fields by 2020.

Zhenwei Shanghai Battery Exhibition will be an excellent choice for the battery industry enterprises to advertise brand, promote products and extend business. It is also a perfect stage for global battery enterprises heading to the huge China market.

[Review of the Last Fair]

The last exhibition held by Zhenwei has attracted more than one hundred well-known battery industry supplies and 6,000 professional audiences from all over the world. There are over 70% special booths showed in this 10,000-square-meter scale fair. Some famous enterprises participated as well, such as: China National Electric Apparatus Institute, Siemens, Fluko, Capchem, Liaoning Chaoyang New Energy Appliances (Super capacitor) Industrial Base, Thunder Sky Energy, Camel, Aowei Tech, Sevenstar Electronics, Winko Tech, Baina, Honbro, CLG electric.

[Three-dimensional and Holistic Medium Promotion]

The Second Zhenwei Shanghai Battery Exhibition were advertised by hundreds of medium in many different ways (videos, pictures, and words etc.). Those mediums include: CCTV, China Business, China Financial and Economic News, China Industry News, International Business Daily, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Netease, global cell network, the Chinese cell networks, electric car network in China, China Lithium Power Grid, China Energy Information Network, the new energy vehicle network, Battery net.

The promotions for the third Shanghai Battery Exhibition will be more comprehensive, more accurate, and more continuous. And more battery professors from all over the world will be attracted.

[500-day heartful preparation for making one Best Battery Industry Show in 2011]

After the second battery exhibition, the organizing committees plan to have 500 days on the preparation of the third Shanghai International Battery Exhibition.Zhenwei will further explore the global battery industry by detailed, systematic and scientific preparation. The third exhibition will adhere to the development direction of “professionalization”, “high-end”, and “internationalization”.Zhenwei aims to build up the best promoting platform for the international battery business.


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