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IBM predicts Air-powered batteries

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IBM predicts Air-powered batteries Empty IBM predicts Air-powered batteries

Post  Admin Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:54 am

Air-powered batteries are among the predictions of IBM scientists gazing into their crystal balls.

The U.S. computer giant this week released its annual "Next Five in Five" list of five innovations expected over the next five years.

Among the predictions are advances in transistors and battery technology.

Today's lithium-ion batteries could be replaced by batteries "that use the air we breathe to react with energy-dense metal," IBM said.

Other predictions: holographic cameras that fit into cellphones, allowing video chat with 3-D holograms; traffic systems that adapt to traveller behaviour to improve commutes; more sensors in everyday devices to provide more data for scientists that could be used to help fight issues such as global warming; and better energy recycling from computer data centres.


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